We’ve had some terrible weather here this week. Heaps of rain and wind and general miserable, don’t-make-me-leave-the-house-for-the-love-of-god type of conditions. Not as bad as the floods in Paris, of course, but I’m going to complain nonetheless. Anyway, because winter is upon us, Jared made porridge for breakfast this morning and I found myself thinking of my nanna (you’ll understand when you read the below re-post).

I’ve actually been thinking of her a lot lately. I’m getting married in four months and I’m finding it quite upsetting that she won’t be there. None of my grandparents will be (they’re all dead) and Jared’s remaining grandparents won’t be either (it’s too far for them to travel). I know he’s upset that his Pop won’t be there (he passed away late last year).

Here’s a post to my nanna, who I wish was still around.



Because it’s cold and wintery, I’ve started building hot breakfasts, like WeetBix and porridge, into my morning repertoire. This usually involves some microwave action followed by the a…

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