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Last night, I had the Sunday night blues – the first time I’ve had it in ages and the first time I’ve felt this way with my new job (not counting the times it’s been due to drugs/alcohol). I was quite surprised by how down I was, by how much I was dreading the end of the weekend and the inevitable arrival of work. I have a lot on this week, heaps of stuff to get done at work as well as my second week back at uni and some social commitments to boot. Plenty of reasons to feel a bit stressed. But still, it’s not like I haven’t been busy before so – as my therapist would say – what’s that about?

Well, my boss is starting all these new projects, which means – by proxy – I’m also starting all these new projects because I actually have to make sure they happen and happen well. I’m pretty sure he’s going to want me to do more hours, which worries me because I have to get my uni work done and I need to stay part time for that to happen. I can’t give up my Friday off and I don’t want to do too many extra hours beyond what I’m already doing (although I get paid hourly so it’s not like I’m working for free). I did tell him I can’t do full time and he seemed ok with it but he generally don’t think too much about detail like that.

My work contract says I can work anywhere between 20 and 30 hours per week over four days (Mon – Thurs), depending on what needs to be done. At the moment, I’m probably averaging between 20 and 25, maybe 27. In reality, 30 would be my absolute max and I wouldn’t consider adding another day. When I was originally looking for a job, I wanted to find something that let me work 3 days a week but this was the first viable option that presented itself and so I went with it (I was so over job hunting). All has been well until just recently because my boss is trying to do all this new stuff and I still have all the old stuff plus I support another person as well so I can’t forget about her!

I suppose I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to fit everything in and feeling bad when I can’t do it all as quickly as I’d hoped (also there’s a fucking lot of maths and accounts which is not something I love!). The upside is that I have a clear set of priorities so I just work through those and, if I don’t get to something because something else more important popped up, well so be it. There are only so many hours in the day. The nice thing was that once I woke up on Monday I felt fine – no Mondayitis to be found – even if my boss did aggravate me a bit going over the same stuff a few times when I had so much to do (he likes to chat). Luckily, he doesn’t mind when I cut him off and send him on his way when he starts to waffle!

On the plus side, even if my Sunday night blues had crept into the week, it’s only four more days until it’s the weekend again. Not working Fridays means I have a long weekend every week. Lucky me. See I knew there was a silver lining somewhere. Oh yeah and we have a long weekend this weekend which means I have a four day weekend coming. Things are looking up for this little office worker. 🙂

Image credit: Thelma