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Despite how much I’m loving studying part-time, I’ve made the possibly bat-shit crazy decision to go back to full-time study. Yes, I’m going to be stressed. Yes, I’m not going to have much of a social life. BUT. And it’s a big but in my mind. BUT, I’ll be finished studying by August next year. Once I finish my current study period, I’ll only have four left until I’m 100% totally finished my degree (oh my god YES!) whereas, if I continue cruising along with part-time, I won’t be done until August 2018.

And two more years of study is just too fucking dire to contemplate! I’d rather have a rough year spent chained to my books and then be done with it once and for all than let it drag out for another two years. If I can do five full time study periods in a row as a newbie uni student while also working full time and working one or two nights in Jared’s bar then I can definitely do four in a row while basically a veteran uni student who has every Friday and every night off from work. Come on, woman, it’s a no brainer. Suck it up for a year so it doesn’t drag out for two.

I’ve already picked out my subjects for the rest of the year; half writing subjects, half gender studies. One even has an exam. I’m beginning to think that one might be a bit ambitious but we’ll see. The unit with the exam will run from November to February with exams in Feb/March so I reckon it might be OK. Plus that’s one less written assignment and, who knows, maybe exams aren’t that bad? Ha. Who am I kidding? I’ll be nervous as fuck but I’ll manage nonetheless.

So yeah, that’s me. Just over here making big decisions about life and shit. Decisions that are going to result in me behaving like the girl below whenever anything fun comes up that I won’t be able to attend due to me trying to get educated and all. You know what? It’s ok though. I’ll just keep reminding myself that it’s just a year. Errr… just a year and two months. Just 14 months. I can do this.