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Today I am the Queen of Procrastination. I have an assignment due on Saturday and here I am writing a blog post. Smart, Natalie. Real smart. I’m not usually like this. Most of the time, I’m that super-prepared, super-organised, often way ahead of schedule uni student that has time to write 16 versions of an assignment because she’s a week ahead of schedule. But this assignment? Nope, things haven’t quite worked out that way. I blame myself but also the fact that I can’t write about my original topic so now I have to find a new topic and figure out how to say what I want to say and it’s just not coming to me.

Oh yeah and I keep getting distracted by all my socialising activities. I saw Dita Von Teese on Tuesday night, which was very easily the greatest thing I have ever seen in a life full of seeing epic things. The sparkles! The outfits! The sets! She is truly the most magnificent creature. Honestly, I’ve never understood people who cry at concerts but I felt pretty close to it when she was on stage. Which is kind of ridiculous and surprising even to me but what can you do? You like what you like. And how’s this for perfect? Her last act was her in this kind of Chinese themed extravaganza and the first song was the instrumental bit for The Cure’s Lullaby. Ahhhhhhhh! It was perfection. Also, I saw a woman do a very sultry burlesque performance involving some very sexual activity with a spider web. She came second to Dita. Oh yeah and a stripper dude dressed as Zorro. A close third. Also, some lesbians got engaged on stage. Let’s just say it was an amazing night.

Then last night I went to the Art Gallery of NSW’s Art After Hours exhibit of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We got to make paper flowers like the ones Frida wore in her hair. Just as a side note, I suck at art and craft. My flowers were atrocious but I never stood a chance. The art gallery gypped us on the tissue paper front; we definitely didn’t get given enough to make the lush flowers in the tutorial pictures (although I did see kids with much better flowers than mine). After failing at paper flowers, we walked around the exhibit and listened to a lecture on whether love Frida and Diego’s love could be considered revolutionary (no clear decisions were made). It was a much more cultured evening that I would normally have but definitely something I’m looking to do again. The gallery was packed and the main foyer was filled with people listening to a live mariachi band (who were awesome), a most unexpected happening for an art gallery at night time – but what do I know? I usually just go to bars.

Oh god. I really do have to stop procrastinating if I’m ever going to get this assignment done. I just need to spit out a decent first draft (I’m about half way there) and then I can revise it tomorrow and Saturday, if need be. *sigh* Back to the grindstone. How the fuck am I going to manage when I go back to full time study in a few months. Oh god, what have I done?