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Despite having the best of intentions, I’ve decided to stick with part time study for the next study period. I’ve realised just how much I still have to do for the wedding and, with that in mind, I couldn’t reasonably commit myself to full time study. I would’ve been a gibbering wreck come October and that’s not really the mindset I want to get married in. I can just picture myself standing there at the altar saying, “I do but can we make this snappy? I have an assignment I have to finish off.” Fuck that. I like things to be difficult but not that difficult.

The wedding planning is going well, there are just so many little details to sort out now. Things like:

  • Decide on flowers and table decorations (I’ve decided, I just need these damn suppliers to provide complete quotes so I can lock someone in)
  • Organise transfers to/from the airport
  • What wine shall we drink?
  • More importantly, how do we get the specific champagne we want up to Mission Beach?
  • How do I display the table numbers?
  • What paper do I use for the place cards?
  • Am I craft-y enough to make the seating plan I have in mind?
  • Putting together the actual seating plan
  • What jewellery to wear with my dress? The dress and earrings are sorted. Do I need anything else? Maybe a back chain at most
  • Organising the joint hen’s/buck’s night.

On that front, I swear the hen’s night has been more stressful than the whole wedding combined. You’re basically planning what you want to be the best party ever in the history of parties while trying to keep the budget reasonable yet still making it awesome. *sigh* I’ve got it sorted, I think, or perhaps I’ve just given up. Whatever my mindset, it’s taken a lot of stress and deep soul searching to get here. Do I really, honestly and truly need all of the strippers at my hen’s night? YES! Yes, I do.

And let me tell you, finding private show strippers has been both the greatest and most fucking annoying endeavour I may have ever embarked on for a social activity. And I have embarked on a few. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Organising home delivery titties should be the best job ever. But no. Well, yes and no. But slightly mostly no. Prime opportunity for me to second guess myself. every. fucking. step. of. the. way.

Anyway, it’s nearly there and me playing the hero and upping my study load to full time is goddamn insanity so we’ll just give that one a wide berth until November. When no doubt I’ll decide to postpone full time study again but this time because I want to enjoy my summer break. I know myself too well. 😉