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I will be married in eleven days – next week Saturday to be exact. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my writing because there are so many little things to attend to prior to the actual day. I just finished three days worth of music playlists (with the help of one of my bridesmaids). I’ve got a bunch of wedding craft to do. On Friday, I’m picking up our wedding rings and back pendant I’ve had made to go with my dress. Funny story about that: I had to try the pendant on with the dress to make sure the length was right but I got stuck trying to take it off. Jared doesn’t want to see the dress before the wedding so I had a mini-freak out thinking I wouldn’t be able to get it off in time, that he’d come home and see me or I’d have to phone a friend to help wrangle me out of it. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary but it’s alerted me to the fact that I’ll definitely need assistance getting the damn thing off.

One of the few outstanding things left are my vows. If I’m totally honest (as I like to be), the preparations for this wedding have been pretty process driven to date. I could be organising any party really – aside from the much larger budget, three day duration and bigger guest list. It wasn’t until I started writing my vows that I realised this was going to be something so much more than just another party. Thinking about why I fell in love with Jared and trying to articulate why I want to spend the rest of my life with him made me… quite… emotional. Unsurprising really. But I suppose when you’re focused on getting all the teeny, tiny details sorted, the romance of it all can kinda of lapse a bit.

But never fear, I have a first draft done for the ceremony and an outline for the reception. All is going to plan, I just need to keep revising and I have a fair bit of time to get there. I’m an OK public speaker but I’m sure I’ll be super nervous/on the brink of tears on the day. Ah well, if I fail, I know I have my maid of honour to finish reading them out for me (just have to make sure I print them out so he can read them, Lord knows he won’t be able to read my handwriting).