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Image credit: Lovegreen Photography 

So… the big day has come and gone. It was everything I hoped for and more and, yes, as everyone said, it goes by so quickly. Thankfully, we’d planned ahead and made a weekend of it (or, in my case, a week seeing as I went up on Tuesday and came back Monday). 

The weather was glorious – aside from our wedding day, which was rainy some of the time, but even that couldn’t dampen our spirits. The location was just so beautiful and everyone so excited and happy to be there that it could’ve rained fire and I doubt I would’ve cared. The bottom of my dress was pretty trashed though but, never mind, I’d planned to cut the train off so I can wear it again after the wedding so it doesn’t really matter. 

One of the funniest memories I have is of my sister and two of my bridesmaids – one male, one female – helping me take my hairpins out and dress off so I could be more comfortable. The dresssmaker had had to sew an internal belt into the dress so the low back would lay flat against my big ass and everyone was struggling to get the tight waist up over my boobs. It was a very tricky manoeuvre and I was glad to cruise around in my robe and nothing else after that. Basically it devolved into a three day party (six days for me) and now we’re relaxing on our mini-honeymoon in an AirBnb on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for a few days before returning to work. 

Photo credit: Me!

I made sure to get us a pet friendly house so even pug is involved, although he’s been a bit freaked out by his new surrounds. He doesn’t much like strange spaces now he’s getting old. Although he’s loved exploring the sand when the tide goes out and laying in the bean bag in front of the gas heater. 

So that’s the formality of marriage done and dusted and I also finished reading A Little Life, which I will review while I’m up here. My god, what a fucked up yet entirely amazing book. Highly recommended. 

And so now, with the wedding behind me and uni still 1.5 months away, I find myself itching to organise something new. I have so much time on my hands and nothing much to do! I want to get back to my old party planning self, while I still have time. Not that I won’t be able to still do fun stuff while I’m studying but being full time will definitely require some sacrifices (or last minute scrambles to the finish line). 

We’ll see. I can be quite resourceful when I want/need to be.