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Image credit: Fiona Beck

I’ve been using this amazing smelling body cleanser from Lush. It’s called Karma and it smells spicy and exotic; it has sandalwood in it or some shit. Anyway, I love it but, when I went in there to re-up, the counter chick scared the crap out of me by telling me that my store is the only one in the whole world that stocks it (or maybe it was just Australia, the world seems like a bit of a stretch) and, once it’s done, they won’t make anymore.

Naturally, panic set in. How could I live without this amazing smelling body wash? Such a scenario was unthinkable. So today, I went back in and got four more bottles. I also bought some additional stuff that I probably didn’t need but fuck it, I’m going to smell delicious and be sooooooo soft (not that I’m not already). Everything was perfect. I wouldn’t have to be without my Karma body wash for a very, very long time. All my shower-based problems were solved, right? Right?

And yet… yet… the minute everything had been rung up and the check out chick started packing my big, brown paper bag, I thought, ‘oh shit, now I’m stuck with this stuff.’ Despite having been desperate to never, ever run out just seven fucking seconds prior, I was now questioning my logic:

Do I really need that much? There are plenty of other fabulous smelling shower gels. Mightn’t I want to try something new in the near future?

If so, I’ve fucked that up unless I plan on giving some away as gifts or letting them sit there gathering dust like deliciously spicy-smelling, gel-filled cupboard figurines.

Commitment. I’ve always had a problem with it. I love, love, love something and then – just like that – I don’t. Poof! You’re obsolete. I’m onto the next thing. Sorry. I feel bad for the countless face washes, lipsticks, hair products, perfumes, etc., that I’ve sworn by and then… just… not. Luckily, Jared is not a cosmetic or else he might have gone the way of all these products I decide no longer suit my purposes, despite being the holy grail product up until the moment they weren’t. I suppose it says more about me that I’d probably care to consider so let’s not dwell on any further.

Speaking of Jared, the marriage after glow is in full effect, no need to fear. Although I think the shock of returning to reality (read: returning to work) has plunged him into a deep post-holiday/wedding/mini-moon extravaganza depression. Meanwhile, I, on the other hand, am feeling excited to be back at work and being productive (although I have had a few exciting developments on that front – details to follow when things are a bit more solid).

Now if I could just get back to training; Jared couldn’t do Monday and our trainer can’t do tomorrow. I suppose I could go to pilates or do something on my own but… nahhhhhhh. That’s definitely not classic me (well, not at the moment anyway).