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5 thoughts on “Contact The Likkleone”

  1. “The girl and I made out while Jared fucked her before we all passed out and then her and Jared had sex again in the morning.”

    She wrote about him fucking another girl in the same way that the morning news drones in the background while I answer emails on my lap top. The orgy in Australia she had the night before was hardly worth mentioning and the drugs were a regrettable choice.

    My life is quite ordinary compared to that. I have the occasional junk food orgy but sexually I am pretty straight laced, or at least I used to be. Now I strap on a cock like Superman throws on a cape but then I am experiencing a bit of a revolution in this mid life crisis stage of life. Dildo girl to save the day.

    I am a straight woman with an attachable penis for those really hard to reach places. I use my cock to fuck my boyfriend. The best part is that I can change the size of my tool (unlike real and mortal men), but I never do. The cock I wear is eight inches and it is thick. I hope that you are noticing the advantages I have against average. I am well above that standard sexually.

    This morning I am thinking about orgy girl in Australia and I am wondering about the “high” she will choose after. What comes after all of the sex? What feelings are left after the drugs induced euphoria is done? I am wondering about the man she loves, Jared. I wonder if she still gets high on him? Does he make her feel alive and cherished? Is he able to nurture the valley of despair or the void of what is gone when the party leaves and UP has no where left to be but down?

    • Haha Dildo Girl to save the day. Now there’s a superhero movie I’d watch.

      On a serious note, I’ve been wondering if I’m maybe becoming immune to the excitement of threesomes and group sex. Or perhaps this one seems him-drum because I was woken up at 6am to participate and the main purpose of my post was to explore my drug and alcohol related behaviours – the sex was just a side note but I felt I should acknowledge that it happened. Who knows?

      For the most part, I do still get high on Jared. He helps me out of my moods when I’m sure many other people would’ve run screaming for the hills by now. After ten years together, the honeymoon period is over but I feel like the time we have now is more like real love because you have to make a conscious decision to be together every single day, even on days when they’re annoying the FUCK out of you. I do feel like I’d love him better if he’d let me fuck him with a strap on though. Any pointers on how I can wrangle that? 😉

      • Sex is never a side note just as drugs are one perspective of the same story. Would the sex have happened without the drugs or the drugs without the sex? I am sure both are connected with equal weight for merit and mention. Your musings are a quandary to ponder but then that is the fun, yes? 10 years is a long time to love a person. My marriage lasted for 17 before I sent him packing like an annoying little brother I will always love. I often wonder if relationships have a shelf life of tolerance. Maybe they are all meant to expire? Even the ones that hold on. Even the ones that make it…. I digress. You rock lady-even without a strap on to fuck with. As to pointers on how it’s done, well, I am still trying to work out the kinks… Sending a smile and gratitude. Your writing is refreshing and completely on course.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. Glad you’re enjoying my ramblings. 😉

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