Who is The Likkleone?



The name Likkleone comes from growing up in Jamaica, where likkle = little. And I certainly am that. I used the handle in my first ever email address and it’s kinda stuck around ever since. I’m not really Jamaican though although I lived there for about 8 years, from 10 to 18. I’m actually Australian-Puerto Rican. Yes, a whole lot of melting pot in this one little person. Makes for an interesting life journey, I reckon.


This blog is a place for me to write my thoughts, observations and musings, mostly about my day and the goings-on I see around me. You know, the usual contemplations on the meaning of life. 🙂 I also hope to do some book reviews although I’m not reading as much as I’d like to – damn uni studies (Bachelors degree in writing)!


Well, hopefully, I can share some thoughts that resonate with you, that intrigue you or make you feel there’s a kindred spirit out there with similar ideas and experiences. Maybe my words will provoke you. I definitely have some less than PC ideas floating around in my head! Or perhaps you just read my blog and think – yes, I’m going to read that book (if you do, let me know what you thought).

Whatever happens, feel free to engage me by asking questions or sharing your views (even if you don’t agree with me, I love a good debate).

Thanks! Nat


17 thoughts on “Who is The Likkleone?”

  1. Pleased to ‘meet’ you. Thank you for following my blog. I am glad you enjoyed my work and look forward to hearing from you in the future. I like that you welcome debate. Most folk might get defensive about it, which is silly.

    • Pleased to ‘meet’ you too. I always think debate makes things more interesting. Life would be very dull if everyone just agreed with each other all the time!

  2. I have to know what you’re biting into in your profile picture? It’s oddly disturbing but I’m sure it’s not what it looks like!

  3. Your name is intruiging. As is the profile photo.

  4. Another fine writer, I have met here! Kudos.

  5. Your blog is most interesting.

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