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As a child, I didn’t much like wearing shoes, a decision that resulted in my first bee sting. Definitely not a fun experience for anyone involved, especially when it went from sting-y to itchy. The itch was actually way worse than the pain. When we moved to Jamaica, none of the neighbourhood kids wore shoes, aside from when they went to school, so I followed suit. After a few days of walking on my tip toes, my feet toughened up enough that I could walk and run damn near anywhere without sore feet. It wasn’t until a rock took a big chunk out of my foot when I was coming back from the shops one night that I thought, ‘hey, maybe shoes are a good idea after all’.

And today? What do I think of shoes today? I LOVE THEM. Well, I love collecting them but I have a love/hate relationship with wearing them. I get very excited about traipsing around in them for a night on the town but so many of my most beautiful, most expensive shoes are not comfortable to walk around in, which is kind of what shoes were made to do. Sometimes I think these shoes were made for sitting and looking divine but standing up? Walking? Tearing up the dancefloor all night? No, out of the question. Definitely a bad idea unless, of course, you’re into blisters and sore heels and toes. Sadly, I’m not.

What I’d really like is to be one of those women that live in heels. You know the type. Glammed up and immaculately put together with their spectacular heels, always striding somewhere with not a wince of discomfort in sight. The world is their personal catwalk and they look like they could walk for miles then sprint 100m in 6″ stilettos. Do these women exist in real life? They’re always on TV and in movies but I’m sure I’ve seen more than one in the street, turning heads with their mastery of those infernal heels. Damn torture devices. Oh, did I say I like heels? I suppose I do. I just don’t think they like me back.

Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I’m a wimp with a low pain threshold and I’ve given up too easily. Maybe these women went through all this discomfort, transcended it and are now immune to the pain of heels. And they are painful, I promise you, but they look so amazing that it’s got to be worth it. And I have so many beautiful shoes sitting in my closet, just waiting to be taken out and strutted around in. How can I, a responsible shoe owner, deny them that which they were created to do? As you can see, every now and again I feel guilty about hardly wearing my heels.

That’s it, I’m going to start wearing heels at work again and I’ll really give them a chance this time. I’ll wear my flats on the walk in and switch into heels when I get to the office. That’s not cheating and besides no one’s suggesting I do the 30min walk in 6″ heels. I’m going to let my inner glamazon loose (as much as a 5′ nothing girl can be a glamazon). I’m going to take my shoes out and show them some fun. No more languishing in their boxes gathering dust. It’s time to live!