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Well, turns out our flight to Martinique only ended up getting delayed by about 1.5hrs, which in the grand scheme of things is not much at all.

We spent our first day at a few rum distilleries and then on a massively detoured quest for our hotel. On the way, we stopped at a supermarket and bought bread, chips and cheese and sat on the roadside to eat. We were starving and couldn’t wait to find somewhere nice. Turns out we were right near an active volcano and the view was amazing, even though we couldn’t see the top of the volcano because it was quite cloudy. Actually, the whole of the island is very mountainous so you get incredible views all over the place. It’s a really, really beautiful part of the Caribbean.

Today we went to another amazingly beautiful rum distillery and then spent the day at Les Salines, a beach on the very southern tip of the island (pictured below). We had fish and beers (or juice in my case) on the sand and went for a swim in the flat, warm sea (just how I like it).

Photo 19-11-2014 6 07 46 am

We then drove around to Ste. Anne and watched a glorious sunset (below).

Photo 19-11-2014 8 19 27 am

It’s our last night in Martinique so we’re off to find food, drinks and hopefully some fun. But if all else fails, we bought a bottle of rhum agricole from today’s distillery so we can always drink that if things get dire.

Tomorrow we fly to St Lucia.